Fog Days of Summer

Here is some insight from a fellow native San Franciscan. A nice discussion of weather, mood and meds.

crosswalk confidential

Foggy night with fireworks at Aquatic Park Foggy night with fireworks at Aquatic Park Photo: Shawna Scott/Flickr

After a couple of weeks of abnormally warm weather in June, San Francisco has returned to its regularly scheduled summer weather programming. I have many childhood memories of bundling up in warm clothes to “watch the fireworks” from various local vantage points and mostly seeing colored flashes in the fog.

I can’t remember feeling oppressed by the grey days of endless fog growing up in San Francisco. Perhaps it was because I didn’t have anything to compare it to. It’s similar to living with anxiety and depression—you never question what your “normal” is until you’ve experienced something different. Though I don’t remember being gloom-sensitive as a kid, my mother would complain regularly about the lack of light in our basement apartment (undoubtedly struggling with her own depression). I was also lucky to have an annual break from the urban fog…

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